With the streamlined COVID-19 measurements taking effect from 15 March 2022, displaying some form of ease on restrictions shows that we might be on the right track to normalisation.  During the past 2 years, the government has been encouraging citizens to upgrade themselves where many were seen going for  work study programs or specialist diplomas to upskill, particularly those that were hit badly by the low count of tourism jobs. 


During the pandemic, we have actually seen the hospitality industry picking up as an evergreen essential service, with many people taking up courses in hospitality and hotel management. Despite travel and tourism career opportunities looking bland, hospitality jobs have been rising with education and studies sponsorships in collaboration with Educareer SG.

Many mid-career switch personnel have key concerns over the diploma program and duration and are unsure if these diplomas will bring them new prospects. In view of saving cost, many will want to find a sponsor online for education with some options of work study diplomas (WSDip), earn & learn programs and experiential learning. 


We have seen a tremendous rise in numbers of individuals enrolling with EducareerSG because of its holistic solution that integrates education and career progression through experiential learning, providing assistance in their desire to progress their studies even up till Masters or career promotion in the company that they served their industrial attachment at.

Many see the hospitality business as a difficult sector to work in due to past perception from our older generations but no doubt that the hospitality sector is one of the fastest career progression area if you hold the right skillsets. This is also the reason why there are so many hospitality companies and hospitality consulting firms that engage in hospitality training, as it holds one of the biggest business ratios worldwide.


As quoted in the Singapore Department of Statistics, retail sales grew by 11.8% in January 2022 on a year-on-year basis while sales of food & beverage services increased 9.5% in January 2022 on a year-on-year basis. This commands a strength growth yearly despite any economical downfall as hospitality serves as an essential, evergreen industry.

Many employers worldwide definitely value the quality of hospitality qualification and experience with worldwide shortage of talents in this industry. Take charge of your career with EduCareerSG programs in hospitality today!