Work, Earn and Learn all in one. Work study diploma in Singapore is your best choice. No matter which stage we are in our life, everyones goes through a lifelong learning journey – whether that is through professional education or utilising internet resources or taking up extra job opportunities.For graduates, having a Work-Study Diploma is a perfect solution to gain a head start in their career while pursuing a nationally recognized diploma.

The Work-Study Diploma course is an apprenticeship avenue for companies recruiting skilled graduates. Under this scheme, you will join a company as a full-time employee while attending classes for your Diplomas. Students will be able to learn on the job at the workplace The Work-Study Diploma course enables students to link classroom training with authentic hands-on training at the workplace. You will enjoy grant support from the company while also working  work closely with us at EducareerSG.Students will be matched with a job depending on the course they studied. While it depends what your sector is as well as your ability to meet job requirements, students will still be given help throughout the 12 to 36 months structured training program.

The program includes facilitated learning, on-the-job training, and work-based projects that allow you to deepen your skill sets at the workplace. You will receive an industry-recognized Diploma-level qualification and potential wage progression or career advancement based on performance at the end of the program.Work and study in Singapore have various choices of the course. This means that the  Work-Study Diploma not only provides skilled employees  for companies, societies and non-profit organisations that are registered or incorporated in Singapore, but also (and most importantly), for you to learn while you earn.


Is Work Study Diploma Recognized?

Yes, it is recognized by most companies. The part time diploma can be very useful in providing useful information to equip students for real-world practice if it was done through an accredited institution.The Work and study in Singapore are part of the suite offered by the Institute of Higher Learning (IHLs), appointed private providers, and the industry. The Work-Study Diploma course will be open to all graduates to apply for after earning a higher Nitec, National Certificate (Nitec), or a few years of work experience in the related sectors.


Benefits of Work and Study in Singapore

Learn while earning

Students could enjoy employee benefits with a stable income, full sponsorship for training, and a clear career pathway.

Develop existing capabilities

The Work-Study Diploma course also allows students to continue upskilling through certified Work study diploma in Singapore.

Provide career progression opportunities

You could enjoy career advancement pathways and skills-based wage increments upon program completion, which depends on factors such as job scope expansion and satisfactory job performance.

Minimal entry is GCE O level – special cases for bridging modules arrangements can be made for mature experienced candidates.

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