A work-study degree programme enables students to develop in-depth, employable skills to improve their transition to the workforce after graduation. There are many opportunities for work-study degrees in Singapore to choose from. EduCareerSG helps make education much more affordable for local Singaporeans and Permanent Residents, with more valuable hands-on experience for each individual to be better groomed into management trainees for better career advancements. The work-study programme in Singapore aims to make local education accessible and provide employment options through career counseling.


Benefits of Work Study Degree

The following are just a few of the many benefits of a work-study degree programme :

  • Industrial internship with a high allowance
  • Gain exposure and work with international colleagues
  • Personalized mentoring from instructors & mentors
  • Real-life knowledge application & practice

One could acquire various transferable abilities and experiences through the sg work-study degree programme relevant to their future profession in any field. In addition, this will serve as a springboard for continuing higher study after graduation. It is an asset to any organization when it receives academic recognition and meaningful job experience at the same time without sacrificing its quality. Of course, applicants would expect benefits from a work-study degree programme in Singapore not just in terms of wages but through benefits that reflect modern lifestyle demands. EducareerSG’s programs support industry needs by giving our learners a more flexible way to achieve their qualifications and a pathway to future education or career advancement. Our educational approach is through on-site application blended with modular learning.

Anyone that got admitted to the work-study degree programme in Singapore will be lucky because the benefits that they offer ensure a bright future in the chosen field of research, job, higher studies, or any other fields you reckon to specialize in further. For a lucrative career, choosing an sg work-study degree is the same as it will add marks for your resume and make you a desirable candidate for any organization. Therefore, a work-study programme in Singapore is the first choice with many worthy students, as the process of getting admission is also not insuperable as with other universities. ­


How to apply for a Work Study Degree

There are a few steps, though, that need to be followed in case you want to get into an sg work-study degree and it’s not going to happen in one day.

Planning, follow-ups, and research are all required to get exactly the result that you are hoping for. Work-study degree program in Singapore is easy to get into. In Educareersg, we offer the option to find a sponsor as there are no upfront course fees, and they are 100% fully sponsored. By joining our work-study degree program, you will not need to worry about having experience or good grades.

Furthermore, the opportunity offered by an sg work-study degree could provide work experience while studying. This very lucrative proposition can later translate into a bright future and help you dazzle in any chosen field of work.

The steps are very easy, or you could get all the help you need by just contacting us at https://educareersg.com/contact/