Trust me when I say you are not the only one that feels lost upon receiving your ‘O’ levels result. There are so many things that you may have to consider: your school, course and specialisation. Fret not, here are 5 tips for you to look into before you decide on the path you want to pursue. 

  1. Market Demand
    If you are unsure about what you want to do, you might want to consider a study that is versatile, beneficial for your future endeavors and in line with your personal goals. Do research on what specialisation the market is lacking. Jobs in the hospitality industry are always in demand and will never go wrong as this sector takes up a high contribution percentage to our economy. 
  1. Duration of Diploma

You may be in a hurry to embark into the working world and strive to find the quickest way to get the qualifications you need. If you are in this category, you might want to consider taking on a work study diploma, which provides you with relevant experience and qualification to jump into the working scene right after you graduate. 

  1. Learning Style

Are you an experiential learner? Some of us absorb information better through hands-on learning. If you struggle and find it harder to learn things visually or verbally, programmes that offer experiential learning might be a better option for you. Such programs allow on the job attachment, for you to learn and apply what you have learnt, making your diploma journey fun and conducive. 

  1. Cost of Diploma

Course fees may also be a consideration for some. Not everyone has the financial means to move on to tertiary education right after they graduate from secondary school. Some might even choose to take a gap year before they step into the next pace of their education journey. There are programmes out there that provide full education sponsorships, allowing you to obtain your diploma while earning some allowance in the process. 

  1. Personal Interest

Think of what you are interested in. Being in a diploma program of your interest not only makes school more fun, you might also be able to excel in it as you are doing something you enjoy and are passionate about. It is important to hear people out when they give you advice, but never let others decide your path for you. The decision ultimately lies in your hands so do choose wisely, as being in a field you feel no connection with can be really dreadful.

“The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice” – Brian Herbert. Everybody takes learning at a different pace. Never feel ashamed if you are someone who decides to take a long break before you figure out what suits you the best. What’s important is your enthusiasm to keep learning. 

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