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The Earn-and-Learn programme is straightforward and rewarding, especially knowing that it’s only for 10 months. It was very interesting, and I’m able to graduate with an internationally-recognised Diploma. What more can I ask for?

At the start it was challenging but now that I have completed the programme, it has been a great experience, learning not only in the school setting but also from my colleagues during my internship.

I skipped the traditional route and gotten my Diploma in less than a year. Now I am ready to advance to Degree!

EducareerSG's program gave me a chance to be an Operations Trainee while studying the basic fundamentals. I can now use the knowledge gained for my career ahead.

When I joined EducareerSG's Earn & Learn programme, I hesitated because of my age but I am glad I attended and graduated from this program.

My ambition was to work in the hotel industry and this diploma has opened doors into this industry for me. I encourage those who are interested as the program offers fast-track education with the internship.