Being a diploma holder isn’t rare now. According to studies, over 2 million people graduate and finish their diploma courses in Singapore yearly. There is competition everywhere, and most of them might struggle to enter the career they studied or envisioned. Skills are the stepping stone that makes you stand out more in a competitive situation.

Specialist Diplomas, also known as higher diploma courses, are designed with proper practical exposure in chosen fields and have an entry requirement of at least a diploma. It is on the same level as an associate degree or certificate/advanced certification but below a bachelor’s degree. Specialist Diploma in Singapore offers diploma holders to focus on practical skills and theoretical knowledge and specialize in their scope of work within a certain period. It has a shorter duration to complete the course, usually between 240 and 300 hours or completed within a year. Some Specialist Diploma courses request pre-requisite qualifications, and some do not.

Specialist Diploma course takers might get a chance to move to the degree level if they want to pursue a Degree or a Master’s. It can grant you greater access to other educational institutes in Singapore and universities abroad.


What are the entry requirements?

The minimum entry requirement is a recognized diploma (or higher), preferably in relevant fields. Relevant diploma graduates with a minimum of 2 years of related working experience are also welcome to start the course. Participants must complete and obtain a Pass in English in high school.

Participants who are at least 30 years of age with at least eight years of working experience (after graduation from Junior College) may apply for admission as Mature Applicants.

A Personal Statement and Referee Reports from at least one employer are needed to qualify as a mature applicant.

Participants will be awarded the Educareer Specialist Diploma certificate if 75% of the attendance rate is fulfilled and all assessments required by the course are passed.


Where can you get a specialist diploma?

Educareer offers a range of Specialist Diploma courses across several fields in Singapore.

Courses take up a large amount of money, which is one reason most people struggle to start the course. EduCareerSG is an institute that offers a complete education sponsorship program for Specialist Diploma in Singapore to make education much more affordable for local Singaporeans and Permanent Residents. We had more than 500 candidates and graduated with more than 350 career promotions.

EducareerSG offers Specialist Diploma courses, and Specialist Diplomas’ duration is shortened by 80% compared to others. You could get your certificate without wasting time, money, and effort. We have no upfront course fee, and we sponsor 100% fully. We offer a high allowance even without paying for the course. There are no requirements on grades, and no experience is needed.

EducareerSG’s Specialist Diploma courses support industry needs by giving our learners a more flexible way to achieve their qualifications and a pathway to future education or career advancement. Our educational approach is through on-site application blended with modular learning. We incorporate our “Learn, Apply, Practice” framework through a combination of on-site and classroom learning to maximize your potential. We aim to create affordable local education and work opportunities by providing career consultancy, fostering and fast-tracking your education & career, and building a better business environment.

The more valuable hands-on experience allowed each individual to be better groomed into management trainees for better career advancements. Everyone will be provided with a customized hands-on experience. Experiential learning is a form of active learning in which students “learn by doing” and then reflect on what they’ve learned. We envision you as a future leader in an ever-thriving economy. Completing this program allows you to pursue undergraduate qualifications accepted by globally recognized universities.

Minimal entry is GCE O level – special cases for bridging modules arrangements can be made for mature experienced candidates.

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