Nowadays many people have started to take up the option of part time study, especially for people working full time but are interested in squeezing in time for a good education to learn new skills while also updating their current skills as fresh graduates.

Part time diplomas have become all the rage, and many more universities and colleges are seeing the opportunity for part time diploma courses.Part time diploma courses focus on equipping everyone with the knowledge and skills to undertake and add value to jobs in a specific industry. It is designed for everyone regardless of their  academic qualifications such as GCE ‘O’ level, ITE qualification, or WSQ Certificate.

There are differences between full time diplomas and part time diplomas in Singapore:Full time diploma courses require that you study in a regular classroom setting for at least four days a week. It consumes most of your time and attention,which leaves one with  less personal time –  enough for only a few personal activities. That’s not all – you may need more time to keep up with  lectures that you may be having difficulty understanding outside of class hours. However,  full time diplomas has it’s benefits: for one, you will be able to complete your studies  faster because you will be assigned according a fixed schedule.It’s a different story for part time diploma courses.One of the biggest disparities between full time and part time diplomas is that you will be able to study at your own convenience. You can study when you have the time and review the subject matter as often as you want until you master it before taking exams. There is less pressure while studying, doing assignments or experiments, or taking exams within a given time period. Although you may take a longer to complete them, education experts say that the course duration depends on the individual.

We would recommend identifying the pros and cons of these courses to determine which one is most suitable for you.


Top Reasons Why People Choose EducareerSG for Part Time DiplomaComplete education sponsorship program

Diploma and degree courses take up a large amount of money, which is one reason most people struggle to start a  course. EducareerSG is an institute that offers a complete education sponsorship program for both part time degrees and part time diplomas in Singapore to make education much more affordable for local Singaporeans and Permanent Residents. We have had more than 500 candidates and graduates with more than 350 career promotions.

Save your time

EducareerSG offers to fast track diplomas, and the duration of part time diplomas are shortened by 80% compared to the traditional diploma. You could get your diploma while working without wasting your time, money, and effort. We have no upfront course fee, and we offer full 100% sponsorships. We offer a high allowance even without paying for the course. There are no requirements on grades, and no experience is needed.

Flexible teaching

EducareerSG’s part time diplomas in Singapore support the industry needs by giving our learners a more flexible way to achieve their qualifications and a pathway to future education or career advancement. Our educational approach is through on-site application blended with modular learning. We incorporate our “Learn, Apply, Practice” framework through a combination of on-site and classroom learning to maximize your potential. We aim to create affordable local education and work opportunities by providing career consultancy, fostering and fast-tracking your education & career, and building a better business environment.The more valuable hands-on experience allowed each individual to be better groomed into management trainees for better career advancements. Everyone will be provided with a customized hands-on experience. Experiential learning is a form of active learning in which students “learn by doing” and then reflect on what they’ve learned. We envision you as a future leader in an ever-thriving economy. You can pursue undergraduate qualifications accepted by globally recognized universities by completing this program.Save time, save money & a better output for all.


How to apply part time diploma

Interested in signing up for our work-integrated learning programme? No worries – it’s an easy process.First, sign up via our website. We would need some of your details and information for contact purposes.

We will then fix an appointment for you. Our helpful consultants would be there every step of the way guiding you on how to get an appointment.Lastly, come down to our office for your appointment. You may undergo an interview process to see if you fit the requirements. Feel free to ask any questions or raise concerns you may have during this time.The minimal entry is GCE O level –  special cases for bridging modules arrangements can be made for mature experienced candidates.Visit our website to apply  and contact us for more specific explanations at

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