Once your hospitality diploma is completed, you have the opportunity to advance further in your career. Which is moving on to take a degree in hospitality management. With a degree in hospitality management, your career opportunities are limitless. The industry continues to grow, change and diversify every year. Hospitality is one of the world’s fastest-growing employment sectors. Here is a list of the kinds of jobs you can get with a hospitality management degree. 

Hotel Management Jobs 

Hospitality careers starts in hotels and resorts, and the accommodation sector is growing more diverse with new properties and concepts coming to the industry. You could start in the Reception, Guest Relations or Rooms Division and work your way up to a Director or GM position. You could choose a company you identify with and grow your career with openings in new locations. 

Food & Beverage Jobs 

Another area of hospitality careers is the Food & Beverage sector which includes restaurants, catering, bakeries and sweets, and more, as the industry evolves. Hospitality students receive significant training in this area, and demand is quite high, so it’s easy to find a supervisory or management role right after graduation.

Travel & Tourism Jobs 

A hospitality degree also prepares graduates to work in businesses related to travel and tourism, where hospitality services and skills are essential to the customer experience. This includes airlines, cruise ship and the career paths vary widely from guest-facing positions in the service areas. Career opportunities in tourism are booming as the number of tourists continues to grow and visitor expectations change with every generation.