Although juggling a job, school, and life might be challenging, it is essential for your success in general and mental well-being. Here are some ways on how to organize your time and commitments.

Decide What Is Important

It’s crucial to distinguish between tasks that must be completed and those that can wait. It won’t be in your advantage if you focus solely on side projects and neglect the big picture. Ask yourself, “If I could only do one of them, which would be most important?” to set priorities. Of course, make an effort to complete everything, but focus on finishing the most crucial tasks first.

Break everything into manageable components.

Divide the task into bite sized pieces, even for minor tasks. If things get too overwhelming which in most cases it would because you will be juggling in between various tasks. It is important to remember to list your tasks and break them down into smaller tasks to help you complete it faster.

Don’t put things off

Breaks are necessary, but don’t use them as an excuse to put off tasks that need to be completed immediately. You can prevent the stress and worry of rushing to meet an urgent deadline by taking your time and planning ahead. Additionally, spending time on revision and editing results in a better final product.

Hope these small little steps help you along your challenging journey!