At some time in your career, you’ve probably heard that alluring voice whispering to quit your work, shake everything up, and pursue your ambitions. Some people respond to the call, but the majority do not.

What is the reason for this?

It could be a lack of confidence in your ability to start from scratch. You may believe that your abilities or education levels are insufficient to get you where you want to go. Or perhaps the prospect of trying something new is simply too frightening.

Whatever your motivation for considering a career change, it’s critical to understand the measures you can take to get a competitive advantage in a new firm, a new role, or even a new life.

When switching sectors, here are seven ways to market yourself.

1. Look at possible careers and work matches

Make sure you know what kind of job you want, why you want to do it, and what transferable abilities will help you stand out.

A targeted job search can help you understand what you’re seeking for and prevent you from becoming overwhelmed by possibilities. Having a plan keeps you on track when trying to navigate changing industries.

2. Think about rebranding yourself.

You’ve got a new job, and you’ve got a new you! In certain ways, yes.

Finding the relevant ability you have now and exhibiting it in a way that is relevant to the industry you want to work in is the key to changing industries. It’s also critical to make use of all accessible resources.

Rebranding yourself for a job move is an excellent way to integrate your existing experience and transferable abilities with your intended objectives. Consider how your previous experiences make you a stronger candidate for the job.

3. Continue your studies or upskilling

Keeping your learning and abilities up to date is beneficial when marketing oneself as an asset when changing industries, especially with the steady march towards more digitalisation and constantly changing technologies.

Continuing education courses or even free online programs might help you improve your education or applicable skills. These options will help you learn about the new industry you’re aiming to get into.

If you haven’t switched industries yet and are still employed, look for ways to learn the skills you’ll need to make a successful career change at your current position.