Did you know hospitality and tourism management fields are still growing? In fact, it has become become one of the fastest growing economic sectors in the world! Studies have show that students interested in hospitality and tourism management have increased by 9% yearly. As the hospitality industry in Singapore evolves, innovative and creative people are needed to drive it forward – this could be you.

Hospitality and tourism management offers contemporary hospitality and tourism courses and skill learning for entry-level management, such as practical communication skills, good customer service skills, leadership, teamwork, and other relevant professional topics related to the industry. While many assume that the hospitality industry in Singapore only focuses on matters such as tourism development, there is much more that meets the eye: other items, like management, accounting, sales and marketing, business administration, product design, and intercultural communication are necessary and vital in this field.

EducareerSG offers hospitality & tourism management in Singapore, and hospitality and tourism management duration is shortened by 80% compared to others. You could get your certificate without wasting time, money, and effort. We have no upfront course fee, and we sponsor 100% fully. We offer a high allowance even without paying for the course. There are no requirements on grades, and no experience is needed.

The hospitality & tourism management in Singapore supports industry needs by giving our learners a more flexible way to achieve their qualifications and a pathway to future education or career advancement. Our educational approach is through on-site application blended with modular learning. We incorporate our “Learn, Apply, Practice” framework through a combination of on-site and classroom learning to maximize your potential. We aim to create affordable local education and work opportunities by providing career consultancy, fostering and fast-tracking your education & career, and building a better business environment.


Why study Hospitality and Tourism

Studying hospitality and tourism offers you to get a hold of crucial skills that might lead you to have a successful career in different work sectors. It is also the learning of key business skills. Some of the skills you will advance include: teamwork, communication, time management, and more.

The hospitality industry in Singapore is expeditious and unpredictable. There will always be new challenges to keep things interesting. Hospitality and tourism management could lead you to a successful career in different settings. You could work in a hotel, resort, cruise ship, or airline.

You’ll have a flexible schedule; if you’re looking for a job where you could shake off the 9-5 regular working hours, hospitality and tourism management might be your game. It is not the typical job everyone has in which you have to stay in an office for the whole day and wait for delegated tasks to fill your day. In the hospitality industry in Singapore, earning a full-time income with full-time hours in a short work week is often possible.

As the hospitality industry in Singapore grows, we have made sure to be as updated creative in our teaching module. Contemporary iIssues in hospitality & tourism management explores a range of current issues that are relevant and often pursued in hospitality & tourism management in Singapore today, either in terms of shaping new scholarly thinking or having clear applied value to both sectors.


Admission Criteria for Hospitality Industry

Our applicants much provide evidence of the ability to speak and write in English, such as a  GCSE grade C or equivalent. Non-English speakers must demonstrate that English ability is appropriate for studying at this level and provide evidence of English competence to IELTS 6.0.

In hospitality & tourism management in Singapore, every employee in this field must learn the most widely spoken language. You can expect anyone working for a hotel, restaurant, or travel agency to talk to English adequately in a non-English speaking nation.

A primary degree in a cognate area is not compulsory for applicants, but having relevant work experience or basic knowledge of tourism at an undergraduate level is a bonus.

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