The graduate diploma is an academic or professional qualification frequently pursued following a bachelor’s degree. It allows students to enhance their knowledge and employable skills, leading to a better career path. Moreover, academic graduate diploma holders may choose an accelerated way to a master’s degree for further workforce transition.

The institution offering a graduate diploma programme in Singapore must register with the Singapore Ministry of Education to be recognized locally. With EduCareerSG, you can find affordable and recognized Singapore education with excellent quality. Our superior hands-on experience will guide you into advancing your studies for a better career path.

You may ask: “What is the difference between a diploma and a graduate diploma course? ”

A graduate diploma programme has higher qualifications as it sits above diploma and degree courses. You will need to complete a bachelor’s degree programme to pursue study to graduate diploma. Besides, a graduate diploma will take a shorter completion time than a diploma course.


Where Can You Get A Graduate Diploma Course?

There are countless universities offering graduate diploma programmes in Singapore. EduCareerSG will provide relevant information on each programme, like the subject’s syllabus and the course outcome. You will eventually find out the programme that best suits your needs!

In EduCareerSG, you will also get the necessary skills to develop your career. Our graduate diploma programme is recognized by international universities. Hence, there are no worries about further pursuing a master’s programme at another university once you complete our graduate diploma programme.

The graduate diploma will be your stepping stone to a university master’s programme. The requirement for a graduate diploma in Singapore can differ based on the study field. However, you must complete a bachelor’s degree to take the graduate diploma course. Besides, some courses require a few years of working experience before taking a graduate diploma in Singapore.

If you wish to take a graduate diploma programme in Singapore, sign us up! The registration is pretty simple:

Step 1: Sign up on our website

Step 2: Fill in your details and contact number

Step 3: Our person in charge will contact and guide you toward every section.

You may need to come to our office for further confirmation. During that time, you may ask any queries and concerns about the diploma graduate course you take. And yes, that’s it!


Benefits of a Graduate Diploma Programme

Here are why thousands of students and working adults choose to further their studies in a graduate diploma programme in Singapore.

Benefit 1: Get Qualified Faster

EduCareerSG helps you get qualifications for the graduate diploma in Singapore in a year. You’ll save more time and money in pursuing your dream career path.

Benefit 2: Better Specialization Choice

In the future, working in Singapore will require a higher level of expertise and experience, with 90% of positions requiring a vocational or academic degree. EducareerSG’s programme support will assist you in truly focusing on your area of interest. You’ll be able to develop into an authority in that area and compete for more specialized, higher-paying employment.

Benefit 3: Pursue Masters Easier

Pursuing a Master’s degree could be challenging, especially if you only have a certificate or diploma, as you don’t meet the entry requirements. With EduCareerSG, you’ll find a graduate diploma course to enroll in a comparable master’s programme faster and easier.

Benefit 4: More Cost-Effective

A master’s degree can lead to many opportunities. But a graduate certificate will be the best option if you want something more affordable. The EduCareerSG’s sponsorship program helps students from various interests to achieve their qualifications and further increase their work capability.