Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) offers a diverse range of diploma programs through SIM Global Education (SIM GE). These diploma programs are designed to provide students with practical skills and knowledge in various fields.

SIM offers a diverse range of academic programs, including diploma, undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional development courses. These programs cover various fields such as business, management, accountancy, finance, marketing, information technology, hospitality, and more.

SIM has established partnerships with numerous renowned universities and institutions from around the world. Through these partnerships, SIM offers students opportunities to pursue internationally recognized degrees and qualifications.

SIM GE is the arm of SIM that focuses on higher education. SIM GE collaborates with its partner universities to offer undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs. Students can study in Singapore and, in some cases, participate in exchange programs or complete part of their studies at partner institutions overseas.

SIM also provides a wide range of professional development courses, workshops, and seminars to help individuals enhance their skills and knowledge in various industries.

SIM Academy stands at the forefront of Professional Development, offering a comprehensive range of upskilling and career enhancing programmes and solutions tailored for working professionals. They aim to empower working professionals with the knowledge, skills, and competencies to become change-makers who can lead and contribute effectively to today’s volatile and uncertain business landscape. Complementing this, their Enterprise Solutions purpose is dedicated to partnering with organisations to develop their talent and human capital, to align their workforce with corporate strategic goals, through fostering a culture of continuous learning.