Choosing the right career for you could be beneficial as you can earn money while enjoying your work. But, it could be challenging to find a job that simultaneously suits your skills and interests. You need to be mentally prepared while analyzing all the alternatives you have.

EduCareerSG’s earn and learn programme can prepare you better to enter your desired industry, even in the very early stage. Our personalized mentoring and experiential training provides you with the all-rounded guide and information you need to make the proper career decision.


What is Earn & Learn Programme

The earn-and-learn programme enables new hires, students, and professionals to acquire more working experience and build career-related skills. You could get employed in entry-level positions to learn new skills and talents. Some examples of the earn-and-learn programme are apprenticeships, paid internships, incumbent employee training, and project-based compensated learning.

More and more individuals choose the earn and learn programme as it boosts leadership, intellectual abilities, interdisciplinary learning, and civic engagement. EduCareerSG has helped over 20,000 participants with 99% career progression. We also cooperate with over 2,000 enterprises to provide you with more choices.

You could further your study into undergraduate qualifications for better job opportunities. These education recognition and work experience will make you a valuable asset to any company worldwide.


Benefits of the Earn & Learn Programme

The earn and learn programme benefits both employers and employees. Let’s see why students, new hires, and professionals engage in these programmes:

More Exposure To the Work Environment

EduCareerSG’s earn and learn programme in Singapore helps students get qualifications and career enhancement with more flexibility. You’ll be able to familiarize yourself with the company culture and job scope better. As a result, you can be on track for your future employment faster since you have already gained much experience.

Skills Development

You will gain work experience and skills faster through the EduCarrerSG programmes. The communication, time management, and problem-solving skills you acquired will prepare you for future jobs. You’ll have a better competitive advantage and employment advancement chance.

Better Career Decisions Making

EduCareerSG’s earn and learn programme in Singapore has guided many students and employees in deciding their future career pathways. You can deeply understand your desired industry through the courses and the professionals you work with. It enables you to determine your area of interest better and truly focus on it.

Personalized and Experiential Learninge

You can get personalized mentoring from EduCareerSG’s instructors and mentors when you engage in our earn and learn programme. It is an excellent way to learn, apply, and practice real-life knowledge while earning an allowance.


How to Apply for The Earn & Learn Programme?

The EduCareerSG’s earn and learn programme in Singapore helps foster your education and career advancement through active learning. We provide high-quality programme recognized by numerous industries to enhance your work productivity and overall performance. The best thing? You spend a shorter duration in the entire program, while acquiring the recognized professional certification.

You can easily sign up for our well-planned programme with the steps below:

1. Visit our website https://educareersg.com/contact/
2. Fill up the application form
3. Wait for our call and complete guidance. That’s it!