Is the quality of food and beverages the only thing that is important? Think of Hai Di Lao, and what comes to mind?

The service that comes with the quality has a huge impact on the success of the business, thus emphasis on the skills needed are important.

Here are four tips for getting your F&B service right!

1. Be aware of changing consumer trends

People are becoming increasingly curious and concerned about where their food comes from and how it arrives on their plate. Social media is a big influence. While it’s always important for food to look appetising, social media makes it even more important – 40% of Singapore consumers say they post about their food experiences on social media at least once a month.

So remember, the better your food looks the more free marketing you will get from customers posting photos and tagging your business.


2. Make Waiting Time Less Painful

People don’t like waiting. That’s a fact of life. Unfortunately for customers, waiting is an unavoidable part of F&B business, whether it’s in a queue or at a table. The worst is that the hungrier/thirstier you get, the grumpier you get.

While you can’t reduce waiting time to an absolute zero, you can reduce waiting time or even optimise waiting time for your customers. One way to make wait time less painful for customers, is to offer them snacks or a drink. This gives your customers something to tide them over while they’re waiting and generally will keep them occupied and happier.

3. Treat your guests like they are family

Awesome customer service is half the battle at your restaurant or bar. It’s essential that you be warm and welcoming. This is a simple measure to take, but not one that is always followed by staff.

It’s also important to be mindful to notice your customers’ body language. Just because they have not asked for anything does not mean they don’t need something. Check in with your customers from time to time to see how your customers are doing and if they’re enjoying their food/drink, but remember not to overdo it!


4. Adapt to all forms of crazy

Working in a restaurant, cafe or food chain will expose you to all sorts of people from one end of the spectrum to another. You’ll be dealing with customers of varying temperaments, co-workers and superiors who you’ll both love and hate, food suppliers, and even friends and family who want to pay you a visit while you’re busy working.

With so many parties to deal with, you will learn to adapt and change your approach when handling different kinds of people.

A good rule of thumb to remember is to:

  • Respect your customer
  • Be honest
  • Take responsibility