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Why this certification empowers your career

Elevate your career with the CERTIFICATE OF CAREER COMPETENCY Endorsed by EduCareerSG.

Gain credibility and trustworthiness towards your future career prospect through our industry certification


Gain creditability and trustworthiness towards your future career prospects through our Industry Certification.

This esteemed recognition celebrates your exceptional display of job-essential skills and transferable knowledge under our comprehensive program, endorsed by both EduCareerSG and your industrial sponsor. This means that you will be able to illustrate that, through proven practicum and hands-on experiential learning at the respective employers domain, you are prepared to face challenges in any job that comes your way.

Through the Career Capstone Accelerator Programme, you will also be equipped with enhanced presentation skills and master both written and vocal display. This sets you apart from the competition, giving you an edge and boosting your potential towards a successful career advancement.

Upon graduating and obtaining this prestigious certificate, you demonstrate practical skills, knowledge, and experience highly sought after by employers, rendering you a highly desirable candidate in the job market. This seal of approval from EduCareerSG and the industrial sponsor further testifies to your skills and strengthens your future prospects significantly.

56% of Singapore employers report difficulty filling positions due to applicants’ lack of experience.*

*According to the ManpowerGroup 2018 Talent Shortage Survey.

A two-way problem: Job-seekers lack experience, and employers aren’t able to find experienced applicants.

Here’s why our Career Competency Certificate combats this problem:

Work Experience

This certificate ensures that you have received valuable insights, exposure, and an opportunity to demonstrate one's abilities to potential employers during the programme via practical work experience during your industrial attachment.

Skills Acquisition

Verify that you have shown a commitment to lifelong learning and staying up-to-date with industry trends. This sets you apart as an adaptive individual, which is a valuable trait in the eyes of employers.

Increase your employability with us.

Recognition of Excellence

Showcase job-essential skills and transferable knowledge

Become Highly Desirable

Employers seek your sought-after skills and experience

Strong Future Prospects

Enhanced presentation skills, boosting career potential

Endorsed by Experts

Validated by EduCareerSG and your industrial sponsor

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