1. Find a full-time job and gain work experience quickly

EduCareer’s successful applicants not only become full-time employees but can pursue a specialized diploma at the same time. As Educareer’s programme is designed in collaboration with the industry’s needs to ensure sector relevance, participants will be groomed to take up suitable job roles with partnered companies. Being able to concurrently work and study also reduces opportunity cost. A typical fresh graduate might only be able to pursue either work or study; the former route means forgoing higher education, while the latter means missing out on a monthly salary and practical work experience, and being both gives you an absolute advantage!

2. Gain access to structured programme and mentorship

The programme is a collaboration between EduCareer, partnered restaurants and schools, so there will be synergy and positive learning outcomes from the candidate’s 9 to 10-months journey. They will also be attached to a company to gain industrial knowledge and skills while pursuing their diploma. 

In addition, all candidates are assigned to a mentor from the company to guide them in navigating through work challenges and keep them on track when it comes to meeting their study or career objectives. The mentorship helps set them up for success. In contrast, a fresh graduate working at another company may lack structured supervision or direction. 

3. Apply and deepen skills of what’s learnt in school

The benefit of working and studying in the related field is that candidates can immediately apply what they have learnt to their work. Their hands-on knowledge of the industry helps them progress faster in their career as well. 

4. Envision a clear career progression pathway

At the end of the programme, candidates may have the opportunity to continue on with the company, and may receive higher wages or career advancement based on their performance. After dedicating resources to groom and train an individual who can deftly perform his or her role in the company, retaining this talent would only benefit the organization.