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About the CCAP

The Career Capstone Accelerator Programme (CCAP) consists of 3 key elements: Career Enhancement Programme, Workplace Practicum, and Academic Qualification where each individual will be better equipped for career achievements.

Career Enhancement Programme
Workplace Practicum & Experiential
Academic Qualification

Enabling rapid career and educational progress through empowerment

That’s our Mission

We are dedicated to making quality education attainable for all aspiring individuals. We believe firmly that financial constraints should not hinder educational aspirations.

We want to bridge the gap by offering comprehensive sponsorship, scholarship, and work-study programmes that empower you to pursue your academic dreams. At the same time with an ever-changing job market demand, we prioritize fundamental skills training to enhance your ability to compete in it.

Join us on this transformative educational journey, where your potential is nurtured, and your dreams become a reality.

about us
Our Vision

Shaping a future where Singaporeans; career and education dreams are achieved

Our Guiding Principles


Evaluate potential employees We embrace diversity and treat everyone with dignity, fostering an inclusive environment where all voices are respected.


The bedrock of our actions and decisions - we uphold honesty and ethical principles in all aspects of our work.


We can drive transformative solutions and remarkable outcomes together.


We continuously seek fresh perspectives, embrace creative solutions, and adapt to an ever-evolving landscape.


We strive to make responsible choices that ensure a lasting positive impact for future generations.

A Message from Our Founding Team


Welcome to EducareerSG, a homegrown career advancement center where we walk-the-talk with each individual to unlock their full potential and obtain the necessary credentials within the shortest timeframe and cost-saving methods.

We hear the woes of many that face the difficulty of handling hefty education fees in Singapore or fresh graduates from various colleges who faced unemployment for a long time. With such rising issues, we embrace these concerns and formed the Career Capstone Accelerator Programme (CCAP) that places emphasis on experiential learning.

Our CCAP aims to not only help trainees benefit from academic upgrading but also helps them polish their soft and hard skills in order to better present themselves at every stage of their future careers. Designed specifically to impart the necessary skills needed to work in the often demanding and high paced environment in Singapore, trainees will gain exposure with every aspect of the industry on a rotational basis, gaining an understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses.

We have witnessed the transformative impact on many trainees who have grown to be fine persuasive leaders. Throughout this program, you will gain various transferable skills and experience that are relevant to your future career in any industry. Gaining academic recognition and relevant work experience concurrently without comprising its quality defines you as an asset to any organisation.

With a customized hands-on experience provided for each individual, we envision you to be a future leader in an ever-thriving economy.

Welcome to an educative transformational experience that will shape your career, unlock endless possibilities and create a future filled with purpose and achievement.

See you soon!