What job roles do you think of when it comes to hospitality and tourism management? The few that comes to mind are Hotel Manager, Tour Agent and Tour Guides, is that the same for you?

Tourism is a major industry in Singapore, contributing to around 4% of its gross domestic product in 2019. In 2018, Singapore was the fifth-most visited city in the world, and second-most visited city in Southeast Asia. Visitor arrivals to Singapore in that year were recorded to be around 18.5 million, while 2019 saw a record 19.11 million international visitor arrivals. Though the pandemic has caused numbers to fall, international arrivals are guaranteed to spike.

There are actually many careers you can explore beyond these traditional roles and here are 5 careers to get you started!


Event & Conference Organiser
Organising any event or conference is time consuming, so an Event and Conference Organiser will help with the finer details of planning an event. The role is hands-on and often involves working as part of a bigger team. Event and Conference Organisers co-ordinate every detail of meetings and conferences, from the speakers and meeting locations to the printed materials and audio-visual equipment.

Executive Chef
The Executive Chef is in charge of a restaurant’s kitchen, and is responsible for managing the kitchen staff, planning the menu, sourcing the freshest ingredients, and making sure that food hygiene is maintained throughout the restaurant. An Executive Chef must be able to spot problems and resolve them quickly and efficiently.

Retail manager

As a retail manager, you’ll manage the daily operations of a store or department and will have employees reporting to you. You’ll ensure promotions are run accurately and to the company’s standards and make sure that staff are all working towards the target for the day. It’s also your job to ensure that excellent customer care standards are met at all times.

Restaurant manager
As a restaurant manager you’ll ensure that your restaurant operates efficiently and profitably while maintaining its good reputation and ethos. Restaurant managers have responsibility for the restaurant’s business performance, quality standards, and health and safety, as well as staff and customer satisfaction.

Leisure Activity Co-ordinator
Leisure Activity Co-ordinators usually work for resorts and hotel chains. They’re the people on the ground who make sure that any planned activities run smoothly. They’re also responsible for every aspect of the day-to-day management of a leisure centre, organising health and fitness programmes, promoting and marketing the business, and interacting with guests.

From hotel, events and catering management to business development and marketing, an education in hospitality management opens doors to many opportunities beyond.

At EduCareerSG, we have partnered with recognised local institutions to offer a 9 months Earn & Learn program, where you are able to pursue your diploma while gaining valulable on-the-job skills working.

After graduating, may choose continue with the role in which you were placed in or to progress to a degree program.

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